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Just out of complete curiosity if you sold both the insert and your trailer and put that money into a properly made trailer would that be a better idea? I'm not saying you cannot do this and looks like it may be more expensive to purchase one already made. I'm just hoping you know what you are doing and that every weld, every piece of steel, every everything will be up to spec and safe? Again I have no clue what you know, do, etc... besides lawn/landscape/snowplowing.


What do you plan on putting in the dump? Real heavy stuff would seem to give you are really heavy weight on the gooseneck end. If loading heavy I'd want that end (dump) near the axles.

Is the rest of the frame under the enclosed part up to snuff to have a heavily loaded front, if that's the case?

I'd be at 7K axles too as Duff said.

Good luck with what you do with it.

I wish I would have found trailers like this before I purchased my dump trailer because I would love to have a 6ft deck in front of the dump to haul a small piece of eqiupment like mower, mini skid, etc... with having the ability to keep the dump open rather than having the equipment in it.

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