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I just talked to a lawyer in Livingston County MI (Howell). This lawyer came highly recommended by my friend in my previous post. Ironically this same lawyer represented me years back and won my case. Good thing is he remembered me and small talk was the beginning of the conversation but when he heard DuPont he was drawn in quick.

He doesn't work with large groups as this potentially could be but he does work very close with a local lawyer who represents groups on consumer lemon law, etc. This lawyer has sued big companies (eg. Time Magazine) and won.

I am getting the process rolling by sending all the information to this individual so he can begin the research. He wants to make sure he understands what is going on before he provides me with "what's next". I should hear back from him early next week.

I need to know how many people in Michigan that are on this blog and know friends and family with issues want to be a part of this lawsuit. As this lawyer states, DuPont is not going to give homeowners the respect they will give a group/class action lawsuit.

Reply to my post so I can begin to keep tally. When I have more information I will post. If you have an arborist you worked with, contact them and have them reach out to their clients to let them know about this blog and that Michigan is beginning to fight against DuPont. Let's stop this once and for all!
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