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Originally Posted by acculawnsystems View Post
I worked two jobs while starting our lawn care company 16 years ago and it was tough. It is even more difficult to get the exposure to grow when you are focused on so many other things. Over the last 3 years our lawn co has seen incredible growth due to a software that we created which gives instant online quotes. Your customers simply go to your site, type on their address and receive an instant quote. They also can and will sign up right then for your services. Also, we have created an android app that will allow for you to email quotes to customers while you are working at your other job ( on breaks of course). It is very simple to grow these days if you do it the correct and most efficient ways. Check out
seems like to give an instant quote you have to have set prices for everything.

guess its because I don't do business that way. you can have 2 properties the exact same square footage but yet one cost $10 more to cut because maybe they have more trimming required.

there are also unforeseen variables that can affect the time on a job like weather. maybe you go to start a fall clean up and the winds starts blowing. maybe you fell behind and were forced to prune some shrubs that were soaking wet from rain. maybe the leaves were wet and didn't move as well.

I can see where a person might wanna go this easy route on line but not for me. I need and want to see every propery with my own 2 eyes before giving a price and signing someone up. I've turned down business where the people wanted to hire me with the price I gave but I either didn't feel safe in that neighborhood or felt the people would rip me off. 2 things you can't control if people are allowed to sign up with your business over the internet.
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