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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
Just out of complete curiosity if you sold both the insert and your trailer and put that money into a properly made trailer would that be a better idea? I'm not saying you cannot do this and looks like it may be more expensive to purchase one already made. I'm just hoping you know what you are doing and that every weld, every piece of steel, every everything will be up to spec and safe? Again I have no clue what you know, do, etc... besides lawn/landscape/snowplowing.


What do you plan on putting in the dump? Real heavy stuff would seem to give you are really heavy weight on the gooseneck end. If loading heavy I'd want that end (dump) near the axles.

Is the rest of the frame under the enclosed part up to snuff to have a heavily loaded front, if that's the case?
Thanks for the input!
Yes, I have some wedling background, and so do my uncle and grandfather, they are going to help me tackle this project. My grandfather has overbuilt several trailers in his time lol

I only plan on putting grass, mulch, and leaves in the dump box. I originally wanted to put the dump box on the rear but that brought up some issues:

1. I would have to move the rear drop gate on my enclosed to the side, which would be alot more work and would kinda suck as far as loading and unloading at some of my accounts.

2. Although putting the dump insert on sideways is gonna kinda suck too, it is the lesser of two evils. At least this way I can put a mesh gate on it so I can back my Walker up it and dump my grass! no more green barrell!!!

The frame on the enclosed trailer is Very solid! I peeked under there last night and could not believe how much cross bracing there was!
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