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Originally Posted by Agape View Post
but how is the stairs connected to Jim's project?
The patio is essentially the landing which for at least a 3'x3' area is a part of the staircase system for code purposes. Even if the existing stairs are or were not to code, correct, safe, whatever. The new patio, regardless of the height of the old landing, becomes part of the stair system. Therefor by doing so the patio installer opens themselves up to liability from stair system. The best thing to do for everyone ( this should be read as the best thing to protect Jim's multi-million dollar company from a personal injury lawsuit. ) would have been to rebuild the stairs.

With the stagnant economy and election year I have seen a larger than normal amount of renovation hardscape jobs this year taken on by new guys, plumbers, handyman, etc because the client can't help the great deal of a mailbox flyer. The type of jobs that most large companies aren't even interested in looking at. 60sqft walkways, etc. The thing I see over and over again is large risers. The subgrade of the original builder walkway settled leaving a 12-14" rise from lowest tread to the walkway. So the new walkway goes in, and guess what the rise did not change. So you've spent $1000 on that new walkway, but you need to remind grandma to jump with both feet. Is this to say that they are not liable for this because it was like that originally. No, once they remove the old walkway they absolve the builder of his liability and take it on themselves by working on part of the stair system.

Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
It's constantly amazing to me that most of the people posting in these forums are owners and as such also the top salesman for their company. And yet they apparently know very little about the art of persuasion. It's like nobody has ever bothered to read books like "How to Win Friends & Influence People". Otherwise they'd understand the difference between what is persuasive a what is rude and condescending.
You have to remember why we are all owners. I'm pretty certain that most owners started their companies because they figured they could do it better, faster, more efficient, and more profitable than the other guys. If we all did not think we were better than the rest we wouldn't be good business men. I can't picture going to a client, "Well yes we can do it, but if you want the job done better you should use this guy." I understand what you are saying, but I think that all owners must have a certain level of cockyness to them or else they stand to become stagnant and let in the dust of the progressively forward moving industry.The trick is to be just cocky enough to want to be better, but not so cocky that you are feel you have no room to improve. Likewise I think most guys in the industry are more hands on and are better fitted to actually laying stone than sitting at the clients table trying to sell. Personally I'll talk to you all day, but I would much rather be doing the work than talking to you about it. The other side is the salesman type. We have a few of those. These are the guys that run multiple crews and get all sorts of work, but might not even know how to start their own machines.

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