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Originally Posted by leeson86 View Post
I'm not scared, just don't know enough about it. I think the plant is Kochia, by the way.

More suggestions please!
Keep a 3ft buffer around non target vegetation. I've sprayed pramitol on hills/slopes with a 1-2' buffer and had zero issues. I spray prodiamine in the buffer zone.

If its a flat gravel parking area you have little to worry about, pramitol/diesel fuel/roundup and spray away.

I just bid two properties that sell and manufacture fences, they store the steel and fencing in the gravel lot. They have been battling weeds and are tired of paying someone to string trim them several times per season. These two gravel lots are about 5 acres total.

Depending on the amount of rainfall your area receives per year you are looking at around $240 per acre in materials cost for sterilization using pramitol.

I ain't skeerd'...
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