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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Germination doesn't rely on soil fertility, CEC or even pH as far as I know... If you've place sand on top of a thin layer of topsoil, my guess would be that you're watering the trees more than the turf... adding compost originally instead of dirt would've paid off big dividends w/out raising any sprinkler heads...
Compost for 8k, doesn't have to be that thick, but the seed needs something to hold moisture around it... I imagine this picky client insists on bagging as well...
I'd do a dormant overseeding and adding compost , at least, to main areas... this will be a slow recovery as the instant result opportunity is past, IMO...

What other options do you see since you're on site???
A slow recovery is not an option per se. I'm thinking remove the crap, bring in good material and cover with sod. Make the sub pay for it. I've already spoken with a few people about it, and should be able to get the money for it.
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