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I recently submitted a thread titled "Ego Scaper from another prospective". Shovel is dead on correct. No cockyness. No ego. No self confidence. Equals no success.

I'm a contractor. I'm not a landscaper. I'm not a hardscaper. I'm a contractor. Who happens to be good at sales. I'm good with people. My customers like me. My employees usually like me. My vendors - they all probably wanna run and hide when they see me pull up!

I'm not interested in reading books. Most of us learn how to play with others in pre-school. Life isn't difficult. Be nice to people. Do what you promise. Smile. Eat well. Exercise. Be active with your kids. And thats all it takes.

There is also a difference between an owner operator that is active in the field vs an owner who focuses on selling jobs and spends most of his/her day in his/her truck driving around.

As an active owner operator I know first hand that galvanized spikes are the way to go to anchor restraint to the ground. I know this because I am there to see the outcome when a client whom we did a job for 10 years ago calls us back to add on to the work we previously did. I am there if a job we did 5 years ago needs warranty work. I see first hand things that many other owners have never seen. My experience and knowledge is something that many owners will never ever come close to no matter how many books they read. Which in turn I win customers over because they can hear in my voice and see on my face that we're the real deal.

I never ventured into business because I thought I could do something better. I have always been self employed from the age of 13, and this year I've enjoyed it more than ever So far it looks like my 9 yr old kid is following in my steps. Last week he asked me why I keep receipts for nearly everything I buy. Which lead to an indepth conversation about profit, business expenses, and income taxes. He knows everything about the work we do and knows how to run all the machinery. I come from a family of leadership. I'm not writing to brag about my kid and my family - My point I'm trying to make is many folks become what they know.


"It's You vs. You"

"People Throw Rocks At Things That Shine"

My Equipment Brag List:

-1 CAT hat
-16 pairs of Hanes socks (the Heavy Duty model), many with holes.
-12 pairs of underwear, ranging from Joe Boxers to Jockey, many are in need of replacement. (no more photo requests please)
-hundreds of t-shirts. Some w/ grease stains, some torn & tattered.
-7 pairs of jeans, ranging from Levis to Polo to GAP. 1/2 of them have holes in 'em.
-1 belt
-1 pair of old worn out Nike shoes.

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