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Actually the new Little Wonders do have a moveable chute. Well, there's a moveable deflector mounted in the chute.

Filter? As in oil filter? Mine doesn't have one.

BTW, did you figure out how to lock the chute in place?

Looks like tomorrow I have to get ready for the freakin "Frankenstorm" that's headed my way. I have to pick up a load of stone in case I need to build a berm in front of my garage doors again. I could use some anyway for my driveway. My garage floor is at 6.2 feet above sea level on a tidal river and there's way more stuff down there than I feel like moving or even have room for. I would have had at least a foot of water in it if I hadn't sealed the doors with plastic sheating and built a berm during Hurricane Irene...well tropical storm by the time it hit us.
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