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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
FQPA, ala Carole Browner also has something to do with this process. Products for which there are no practical replacements are being or have been removed from the T, O, and N markets in the name of "saving the children". The cheaper products with their simpler chemistry were also good tools and even more valuable now for resistance management. Most insecticides are either pyrethroid or neonicotinoids. Turf fungicides are all DMI or strobilurins. I am still around even though diazinon and mancozeb were used on home lawns. My parents just told me to keep off the grass.
I also agree. I think the EPA regulates us further than golf courses and sod farms is because we are treating other peoples lawns. Sod farms and golf courses are treating their property. We are also carrying these products on our trucks on a regular basis making for a higher risk of contaminating the environment. I dont believe it's because the EPA thinks we are ignorant by any means.
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