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It's more than $15 at this point. I go to hourly billing after October 15th. I got 4 lawns done today and that was busting my tail double-timing it. Granted I'm not known for early starts, lol.

Yeah, keeping up on the leaves works best for me. I actually had a customer thank me today even though I'd been there 10 days ago and by tomorrow you probably won't be able to tell I was there...oaks were raining down pretty fast.

I have some accounts in Old Saybrook, not very good ones though. They're profitable and all, just all crappy bi-weekly lawns. I lost 4 of my Old Saybrook accounts this season. Two sold and the other two were for the same guy, his business and his house. I lost them because I didn't want his commercial plowing account....didn't want to deal with hundreds of feet of Main Street sidewalk and the walks and steps for 4 buildings in the complex...too much liability. I generally don't service Old Lyme...don't like taking my rig over the bridge.
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