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well it seems like the consensus is pro honda...i was very disappointed when i purchased mine, later to end up buying the exmark...i like the exmark better mainly because it is set up more like the old JD JX85's, the deck is a square, not a rectangle like the honda''s a lot harder to turn, it's just so much longer so it's not as nimble...i will say the honda bagged better than any 21 i have ever used, BUT that's because they use two blades that chop the clippings up much finer therefore you can pack more into a bag...hmmm, maybe i can add a blade to the exmark...the honda also wasn't a great mulcher, at least compared to the JX85, it does have two blades though so it's chopping up twice as much at the same time, that takes a lot of HP...all in all i guess the honda wasn't a terrible mower (well built, bagged well, liked the transmission), but i would prefer the exmark over it all day (unless bagging leaves, of course)
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