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Originally Posted by wilsonsground View Post
get into hardscapes or irrigation. irrigation was huge this year with the drought. weeds also grow like crazy during the heat. Also the time where you can ask customers if they have any projects theyve been thinking about doing now that you have some down time to help them out. customers usually are always thinking of something they want to do, but may not say something because they dont want to pay for mowing and this other project, but heres their chance to save money so they think. and after fall clean ups most of us landscapers plow. i dont know what area youre in or if you do plow, but most of us just finish getting everything read for snow and double/triple check trying to make sure we dont have break downs and 100% ready on all sites.
from illinois and yea i do plow. i like what you were sayin about the side projects and them not wanting to pay double great tip thanks for the help!
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