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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
That is normal stress and whatever the diagnosis may be given by name, it often results from poorly cared for sod... soaking wet as you put it is another evidence of poorly handled sod... tell them to back off the water, in fact this time of year, maybe shut it right off foor the rest of the season, even if the roots haven't started yet...

Maybe there should be a thread about how roots like moist soil AND air... seed too... more is better? more is better! more is better...
I agree 100%...its purdy cut and pun intended. They say a picture says a thousand words and some of the words I see foliage is me I'm too wet...I don't have fungus yet but I know spores are forming...don't hit me with N! and so on...

A non aquatic plant living in aquatic conditions will surely not survive. Only water when showing signs of drought even from day one. Go spend two weeks in the pool, non stop and see how the tissue on your skin reacts even though you like and need water. Most living things only drink as needed. If someone was trying to make me drink glass, after glass, after glass, after glass eventually ill give you a sign that says.
Enough efen glasses. You better head the sign or I'm out.

That's not fungus you see in the foliage but its surly in the the soil.
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