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Originally Posted by Ed G View Post
I realized the one thing I forgot to mention about these pop-up sprayers along my drive way...

the so called irrigation "pro" who installed my system used no flex hose anywhere.

All bodies (rotary and pop-up) are directly attached to the pvc laterals with pvc fittings.

So in order to keep the weight of a vehicle off the heads, the donuts are required.
I haven't found any donuts that really work against vehicle traffic, Including my Sprinkler Buddy. Those big concrete cones or spikes that some use work because folks can see them and don't want to ruin their vehicle tires. Many places don't allow them to be used though. The concrete donuts sink so quickly, they don't provide long term protection against vehicles unless one is constantly pulling them back up to where they need to be. That's been my experience as a lawn care professional for many years now.
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