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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
#6 is a driver for removing spindle shafts from spindles that use a thru bolt and nut to hold the blades on...Scag...Exmark...fits most of them.
I rounded the head of a dixie chopper blade bolt into a circle and cut a 1/4 inch slot in it.
this allows it to drive right past the key stock if it is still in the shaft..
Bump it with an air hammer....
Oh come on, you dont need a special tool to get those shafts out. They always just slide right out. JK We actually had one tech quit one hot summer day trying to drive out the shaft on an old Exmark Viking. Those things can be a pain. Thats a good idea
Another handy tip Ive found to remove the sheet metal pulleys on Gravel spindles is to take the AYP spindle self tapping screws and just use the air hammer to tighten them down. It will destroy the spindle (not a big deal if you are replacing them anyways) but the pulley pops right off.
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