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Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
I understand what you are saying, but I think that all owners must have a certain level of cockyness to them or else they stand to become stagnant and let in the dust of the progressively forward moving industry.The trick is to be just cocky enough .....
Ok. So you're basically making my point for me. This forum is filled up with a lot of cocky, arrogant jerks who think they know better than everyone else how someone else's job should have been done.

The problem still stands. When people are that cocky and arrogant they are not very persuasive. There's a huge difference between being helpful and offering constructive criticism and just being a jerk. As I said before, most of the time it's the latter. And you all think you are helping the industry by making cocky arrogant comments, but the reality is your words often go unheeded by the person you are criticizing while at the very same time you're totally discouraging dozens (if not hundreds) of others from ever posting photos etc. in the forum because the last thing they want is to get skewered as well. So you're actually limiting discourse and limiting progress.

I bet you for ever 1 person who posts photos in this forum there are at least 10 others who will not, because of this exact problem. The solution would be simple. Just be polite and nice and offer constructive criticism for contractors and maybe [God forbid] throw in a compliment or two once in a while rather than just offering negative critique. But I know that's too much to ask for to this "cocky" crowd....
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