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Originally Posted by Think Green View Post
I guess you fellas don't get inspections from the Ag. Inspector's.
Ag inspections are here. As a grower in GA, you are suppose to have a license (I haven't gotten mine yet, because my operation is so small; I'll get my license in the spring). Here the inspections can be pretty random if you get inspected at all. They check that you aren't propagating patented plants without paying royalties.

You have to pay royalties for any current patented plant (this is the same across the country), such as how every time you buy a knock out rose, it is in the knock out container--you pay the patent holder to buy the container, and that is how it works (at least for knockout).

You can search patent information here:
The google search is a good source to search cultivars, just type the species and the cultivar to check if it has a current patent.
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