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fertilizer over leaves

I wanted to know if applying fertilizer over leaves was completely useless or only partially so.
I collected about 2 or 3 bushels of leaves. They were oak leaves, which were dry and fluffy due to warm windy conditions. The leaves were placed on a large tarp over concrete, in a layer about 6 inches deep. The leaves weighed 12 pounds. One pound of 26-0-6 fertilizer was weighed out and applied with a hand held spreader. The leaves were raked up and bagged for disposal. The fertilizer residue was then strained through a spreader filter three times to remove leaves and small pieces as much as possible; (a few small leaves and pieces remained). The result was that a half-pound remained. It appears that under these conditions 50 percent of the fertilizer got through to the ground.

We need more people to try this to see what happens under different conditions, (like blowing the leaves off or sucking them up with a mower.)
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