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Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
This forum is pretty tame compared to some of the others out there.
I disagree. The other hardscape forum that several members here also belong to is much nicer, much more about constructive criticism and seems to not tolerate rude behavior. Unfortunately for them, that also means they don't have nearly as many members. Half the people here would have been thrown out of that one.

Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
And yes your point is correct to an extent we are all somewhat righteous being owners and whatnot. Are you saying that you've never bid a job and after not getting it drove by and thought how you would have done it better?
Of course not. But there have been plenty of times that a competitor of mine was showing me a job they did or a photo of a wall they did or something. And I didn't say to them, "Forget the wall. Look at that eye soar over in the corner. Did you do that too? WTF? Well, even if you didn't you should have fixed it. That's messed up! You should no better than to leave a landscape like that." No. He wasn't asking me about that thing off in the distance. He was showing me a wall. So I said it looked nice. That's it.

Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
I do not really think anyone was intentionally being rude with any of the posts.
Well, I wasn't necessarily saying that in this particular post people were being rude. In this case, I think it got WAY off track. Here I was trying to highlight an idea that I thought was kind of unique and might help someone else. And instead of talking about that, we've spent most of the time talking about some damn stairs I never touched. Everyone seemed to miss the entire point of my thread. Which just tells me when I bother to post something that I think might be helpful to others I should probably not even bother. Because it's just going to turn into something else. THAT'S the kind of stuff that turns people off in this forum.

There was some jerkoff saying we do B-grade work. That was obviously condescending and rude. But whatever....

Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
I do ask you this though. Will you ever construct another patio without addressing how the stairs will be part of it, or build a raised patio without thinking about your liability in a fall scenario. I certainly would hope not. If so than your own cockyness is getting in the way of making you a better operator.
I'll consider that in the future yes. But I and a lot of others still won't be posting much because every time anyone does it always turns into a pissing match or gets WAY off track. It just discourages people. I wish you guys saw the PMs and emails I get about this. It's a problem that keeps a lot of people participating in this forums - and yes, it is this forum more than the others. It's too bad. I saw some really nice photos of another contractor I met in the commercial lawn forum the other day and it was really beautiful work. But he'll never post those photos here. Everyone knows what comes of it when they or others do. It's just sad. It limits the forum. Even with this post, I think 75% of the people who read it totally missed the entire point of my post because it got so far off track with comments that were unrelated to the wall I was trying to share.
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