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Originally Posted by Mike Leary View Post
That seems stupid, IMHO. You should know where the valves are and flip the bleeders. Move on to the next. Good luck, looks like you might take a major hit.
Well if i were the only one doing blow outs , I could probably find most of the valves on systems I installed . But since I have 2 other guys and they havent seen all the properties , and alot of these systems are 15 years plus old , there are boxes buried in mulch beds , grass grown over them in the lawn , and alot we dont know where they are . Using the generator adds about 5 minutes to a blow out , where looking for valves is an unknown . I schedule my guys 8 to 12 a day and add a few as the day goes on , I shoot for 15 since i know where each house is , no time to search for valves .
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