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Well, I ran like a mad dog for the past couple of day. I'm in pretty good shape. However, if there is a window of time on Saturday, I will be out making passes on some properties covered earlier in the week.

The oak trees have really let go the past couple of days. I've found some properties with very heavy cover. I drove by two properties today, ones that I worked just yesterday. Nobody would know I was there less than 24 hours earlier.

If we get the high winds and heavy rain that is expected on Monday and Tuesday, I think there will not be many leaves left afterward. Yes, the Ginko will stll be hanging on, as well as Pear. But, the last of the Silver Maple and Oak will come down. We may have a huge load to haul in a few days, but the season will not drag on and on.

I'm also worried about the Catalpa. I have two properties with some huge trees. Earlier in the week, hardly any had dropped, and most of the tree were still pretty green. If those get taken down, while still green, they will be a nightmare to get removed. When the Catalpa leaves are dry and crisp, despite being huge and many, they will mulch down very well. But, green and still damp, ...

The best thing we can do is be sure we have fuel and oil for the chain saw, and chains freshly sharpened. Maybe there will be some removal work afterward.
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