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Drought Seeding 2012

So I just got rid of My BillyGoat OS900 Hydrostatic SP Overseeder today....because I've seen ,"The Light"!!!

I've overseeded a few yard beginning of October and the results are very impressive!!!!

I will get a few pictures up so everyone can see, but what's worked the best here in Northern IL is to spread new grass seed out of a spreader in the dry, thatch, dead areas of the lawn.

Then spread a new layer of organic compost over the whole yard, laying between 1/4" to 1/2".

Next have the customer water their lawns 20 minutes every other day. Why every other day? With organic compost down on top of the existing yard, the moisture will stay in the ground, dead thatch area, and the new organic compost will keep the seed moist and in two to three weeks new grass!

Using the Ecolawn Compost Spreader has made reseeding super easy and the customer's who have had it done are amazed with how they get this new, deep, green that comes out in their lawns....after a treatment of organic compost.

The BillyGoat was a great machine, but with 11 blades trying to bury the new grass seed into the ground....where some of it gets buried and some of it does not. And the mess of dry thatch that's left in the yard from the slit was too much work for "Ok results".

With Ecolawns Compost Spreader, reseeding has become super easy with maximum results!

You can check out My Website: under "Services" goto "Organic Compost Spreading" and see a video I made of the Ecolawn Compost Spreader. [Note: Its a little over 3 mins long].

The video is put together quickly so I could show customer's what their lawns would look like after spreading organic compost (I will be working on a new videos this winter so I can change My Website up some more ).
And in a day or two I will be able to post some before and after pictures of the yards with new seed and organic compost so you can see some of the results!

If you're wondering what I traded the BillyGoat OS 900 Hydrostatic SP Overseeder for??? I ordered a BillyGoat Force 13 Wheeled Blower and a BillyGoat MV650SPH (Honda) Commercial Vacuum with hose kit....coming next week.
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