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seems like a hell of a lot of slope on the back patio, but might just be the angle of the camara. Other wise I'm guesing you did it to match the height two sets of deck stairs and basement stairs. Otherwise it looks good for having two guys with no experience.

Sometimes when the guys have no experience its easier to just tell them to go and start cooking lunch. I did a large patio for a family member. It was a favor and I was vacationing at their summer home at the same time so I was doing it with out any laborers. Family kept wanting to help but it seemed like I got 2x more done when they weren't there then when they were. It was best just to save the work like breaking down pallets, or wheelbarrowing materials, for them to do. But when they would try to help, all I could think about was when your a little kid and you want t help your dad fix the car. So he lets you hold the droplight and hand him tools. He lets you help because he knows you want to, but in reality your making the job twice as hard for him because you keep handing him the wrong tools or loose the bolts you were holding.
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