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city specs

Easy enough job. I didn't really take any pictures

Just completed a job for a city where they decided to replace all 15 valves and put them in new boxes

It was fun except I had to do it all myself which was bs on my bosses part.. Some of the plumbing was very wacked!

The city speced double valve box 13-24 ( the one above jumbo size )with one inverted and a valve box extension on top to be installed for each 1.5" valve.

I persuaded them to let me do jumbo boxes and without the extra extension... Still I had to dig down 3' for every valve.

The valves will have gravel in all of them and i'll clean up the wiring as best as it can be

The most annoying part was every valve was along a 4000' walkway so EVERYONE HAD TO STOP AND TALK TO ME

took me 5 days by my self i'm effing beat
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