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Originally Posted by irritation View Post
Why the slipfix when you have a 90 to work with?
The city guy made me do slip fixes on all of them. I have to go back and re do me first 4 I did my first day.

It was in the specs and I thought it was optional as a repair aspect of existing piping.. which all of the piping elbowed right after the valve so I just rebuilt the elbow. He wants the slip fix there so he can spin the male adapter out and replace the valve if need be. I asked him why not double union the valve and he said he hates union's.

I'm fine with following an approved spec sheet that took multiple people to make.. Not so much when it's someones personal preference.

OH yeah .. 2 of these valves were 1". It's funny to see a 1" valve in a double jumbo box ( He wouldn't pinch for double standard valve boxes)

Oh well it's just the tax dollars at work right?
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