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Better to charge per service or bundle services for a higher price?

I'm trying to re-vamp some of my options for my existing accounts and new accounts for the new year. I currently offer Lawn maintenance (mowing, edging, etc...), hedge trimming, leaf removals, fertilization, seeding/overseeding, aeration (will be available 2013), and will offer weed control once I obtain my pesticide license which I'm going to hopefully get soon once I figure out what I need to do to get the ball rolling.

My question is simple. Say I'm charging $30 to do the mowing, edging, etc...If they want anything else done I always price it individually and just add it to their invoice at the end of the month. Is it better to charge $40 which includes more services? Instead of just mowing for $30 they get weed control, fertilization, overseeding, and aeration for $40. If the season goes from March to October thats 32 weeks if 4 weeks in a month. Yes I know there's a few months that have 5 weeks but you get the idea. At $30 just to cut its $960 per the 32 weeks. Say at $40 the difference would be $320 more. Is it worth it to bundle the services?

Of course I need to price to see how much it will actually cost to seed, put down the proper amount of fertilizer applications, weed control applications, lime, etc...To see if $320 is enough extra to make it worth it so I make profit.

Any advice?
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