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Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
Just remember all this happened because you being an established company and as a veteran member are held to a higher standard. Would be no different if I or DVS or Zedo or many of the others put up their work. Likewise there are plenty of amateurish jobs on here that are left alone because they are obviously not on the same level.

In my area there are a few larger companies about your size and they get a similar approach to work. Many of them have such name recognition or sheer size that they can consistently produce B-grade work and no one thinks anything of it. Not horrible work, but cheap materials when promised premium, not quite right practices, and overall something is just off. These are also the guys that at trade shows and classes are flashing their feathers all around and are looking down at anyone that is not them. These types are pure DBags and I'll put any single one of my projects up against theirs any day. I suggest you hold yourself to a higher standard as well. I'll be working on another thread about how these types exist.

For the record though I do like your job all safety issues aside, it is creative oand I'm sure a drastic improvement. I would like to see how it actually went together and the stone is tied to the wall, but it seems this thread should be buried in the archives after all this.
May be time for Charles to close this thread.

Shovel, while I respect Jim, all this is characteristic of Jim.

Last winter/spring Jim had a topic about lips on wall block. I chimed in with my observations from the field (not from my dash board) and I even provided pictures that I had taken a few weeks prior.

Jim became furious and he, on a public forum, called me names and went off on a multi paragraph rant. And then he complains and complains and complains about a few of us forum members.

As business owners people come to us for answers. employees. and customers. its molded into our heads that we have all the answers. but at the end of the day Some folks just don't know they lack the ability to listen and learn and they anger easily. Blaming everyone and everything. But theirselves.

I'm reminded of a recent former employee, he would be late for work and somehow it was always my fault! As long as everyone agreed with him - he was the greatest worker i had and would give you the shirt off his back. But say anything he didn't wanna hear and shovels and rakes started flying. Literally.
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