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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
It's more than $15 at this point. I go to hourly billing after October 15th. I got 4 lawns done today and that was busting my tail double-timing it. Granted I'm not known for early starts, lol.

Yeah, keeping up on the leaves works best for me. I actually had a customer thank me today even though I'd been there 10 days ago and by tomorrow you probably won't be able to tell I was there...oaks were raining down pretty fast.

I have some accounts in Old Saybrook, not very good ones though. They're profitable and all, just all crappy bi-weekly lawns. I lost 4 of my Old Saybrook accounts this season. Two sold and the other two were for the same guy, his business and his house. I lost them because I didn't want his commercial plowing account....didn't want to deal with hundreds of feet of Main Street sidewalk and the walks and steps for 4 buildings in the complex...too much liability. I generally don't service Old Lyme...don't like taking my rig over the bridge.
yeah i need to adjust my bagging rate for some of the properties that get heavy leaves. I broke out the little wonder leaf blower yesterday for 25 minutes on one house, I just ran it over part of the back yard that was really thick and pushed the bulk of the leaves into the woods, then cut it and bagged it and it looked perfect. and I charged an extra 30 dollars. working solo until i do final clean ups.

That area is still nice though. I wouldn't mind working on that side of ct.
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