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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Well billy, you're not contributing the solution so let me speak from what happens to the 150cc GY6 engine when it sucks air and you believe what you want but when an engine runs lean it runs harder and stronger and creates even more suction which results in the carburetor feeding a TON of fuel, and maybe your engines lean out but a small enough air leak doesn't and that results in a never-ending cycle so whether you believe me or not an air leak on the intake end can (and will) result in higher fuel consumption.

How did I come up with this analysis?
The guy just rebuilt the carburetor, which means he removed, and re-installed it.
Thus it is possible that a small air leak could have worked itself in, maybe a gasket didn't seat correctly, perhaps somehow the carburetor did not get re-installed the way it should have been, and it is a likely cause of the malfunction, I never said it was the cause of the problem, I said it was a possibility.
Air leaks DO include vacuum lines!

The other possibilities are being, will be, or have been covered.
I am not interested in discussing those, I am discussing the fact that the carburetor rebuild was likely the source of the problem.
Air leaks DO include vacuum lines!

On that note, a new carburetor and gasket set might likely fix things as well.
Oh me...
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