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Originally Posted by kebrowns View Post
So you are saying its an agreement saying what you will provide and there's is no signing of forms/papers.
My lawn clients sign the agreement and keep a copy for themselves. Nowhere on my agreements does it state it is a contract just simply an authorization for me to provide the noted services for the season as described in the agreement. It says what the service is, billing, due dates for payment, weather issues, etc....there's no termination fee or early cancel fee which is clearly stated. It does however state if service is cancelled for any reason, the current balance on the account becomes due upon cancellation. It basically eliminates any questions or confusion that may arise during the season.

I also add an addendum page for each client with a price list for different services (aeration...etc) they can sign up for so they have an idea of the costs

All my clients have no problem with it and if they did; I don't need them. I had one prospective client out of 100 or so who refused to sign one.
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