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for the thread my suggestion is if only mower can be chosen get a 36" or 48" depending on your average gate sizes.

based on the properties I have now I'd still be fine choosing the 52" I currently use.

now as for these comments that creep up from time to time about a better cut from a 52" vs. a 60". I'm always confused. I've used pretty much all of your normal sizes in deck sizes, 21, 36, 48, 52, 60. the quality of cut is no better or worse if everything else is equal.

I use toros and exmarks. a 60" exmark deck will put down the same quality as a 52" exmark deck. same goes for between the my 36" and 52" mowers.

you guys must be cutting some awfully picky turf. because the turf I cut, will cut the same whether its a 21 incher or a 60 incher.
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