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Originally Posted by RussellB View Post
Great demo video. How far down is the sprinkler head in the SB? Will all rotor sprinkler heads pop above the service? I assume that existing riser pipes would have to be shortened to accommodate the SB ?
The depth varies, larger rotors are almost flush to the top while spray heads sit a little lower in it. Yes, all rotor sprinkler heads pop up above the service as do all spray heads. If anything, a higher riser may be needed to bring the sprinkler head back up to ground level. Those that are already there, no change in riser height is needed. Part of the sprinkler buddy is below ground level when installed. That's the purpose of the cone shape appearance of the Sprinkler Buddy before it's installed on a sprinkler head. Once it's installed, that cone shaped appearance disappears due to the fact that the retaining tabs the user created are now snugly fitted around the sprinkler head shaft . Hope that explanation makes since, it's tough trying to explain it without physically showing it at the same time.
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