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Not planting until Spring - bought plants - best course of action?

Good Day,

First of all - sorry if this is placed in the wrong forums...

Okay so I want to start landscaping and just starting all over. I bought some plants 'cause they were on sale (since it's getting cold). Can't plant them now and need to wait for spring

So... 2 nurseries told me 2 different things

#1- You gotta place them indoor or in a insulated garage... can't let root freeze or they will die. Water infrequently, they need some sun

#2- They are outdoor plants and you shouldn't have them indoors. What kills a plant is "shock" not the freezing of roots or whatnot - quick changes in temperature. If you wanted them indoor make sure you keep them in the garage and NOT indoors where it is warm. Recommended to water them well then huddle the plants together and cover their pots with mulch. That should insulate and keep them alive during the winter months - since temperature changes etc, happen gradually. Keep them in less windy areas if possible

I live on the border of Detroit, Michigan (in Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

- 2 Blue Point Spirals
- 2 Blue Point Poodles
- 1 Juniper Blue Alps (weird thing for this plant is... can't keep to find it in google... wrong name?)

- Plan to get a few more plants

#1 - Plants
#2+3 - Definitively getting
4+ - will get

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