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hey Jim, what is the other hard scape forum? I look on here to learn and get ideas and to share triumphs, but I see peoples work that they slaved over and have pride in. they know what they wanted to do, but maybe they're still learning.they want encouragement on how they did. but I hardly see that here. I would never post my stuff here, I already know what I would change if I did it again and things I simply wouldn't spend as much time on.
People here are really good at elevating themselves by lowering others under the guise of "constructive criticism". People get ticked off because they're not stupid and can see what you're doing and the only one you're deceiving is yourself.

maybe you've been in the field 20 years, but at some point you didn't know squat, and if every time you showed your work to someone, you would flip if they constantly pointed out 20 ways you failed or my personal favorite: "YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE: (insert something that costs a lot, that the customer didn't have the budget for)....Really?

Truth is....I can only take so much "awesome" before I wanna throw awesome off a bridge.....
Jim, your patio looks great and I hope I can take what I learned from it and do something similar.
Don Bullis-

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