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Not Irrigation but interesting

We first started working with the statue by hauling in water durring water restrictions. After the restrictions were lifted we plumbed in a fill line that runs off a well for the irrigation system. Time went on and we wound up cleaning it and working on things with it here and there.
It has seven independent sections that spin and one spits out water. The top and bottom sections quit working and the part that spits out the water started leaking. So the whole thing had to be dissasembled to be repair the water ring.
The statue was designed by David Cerny and a company in the Czech Republic built it. Four guys came over here to help dissademble and "redesign" some things. It is not very easy to work with guys that speak very little english. Now we are in the process of getting parts remanufactured and redesigning some things. Check out the link it is kind of neat to see it running. The movie is a little slow until around 0:55
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