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The slit seeder was a good machine...and when I mean "iffy" did the job but it caused a lot of clean up (good thatch) that should stay in the ground to help keep moisture in the soil. Very time consuming. Only 26" wide and having to run the machine two different directions.

Now I take a spreader, broadcast seed through out the yard (usually 15 mins). Then start moving compost (three hopper fulls = One Cubic Yard). And I can move about 10,000 pounds in 3 hours....and that's working steady...not trying to kill myself. And these yards are usually pretty big...8,000 to 10,000 sq feet. One cubic yard is about 1,000 pounds of organic compost.

I believe spreading compost is the way to go, if you can get the material. It is for me.

A compost plant is only 10 mins away for me (the sales rep. said it's some of the best he's ever seen....this is traveling all over the USA and Canada), so now what I'm trying to do is educate customer's what their new option for yard care is available to them. Hence the website, quick video, and a lot of pictures.

I put this all together so I can get ready next Spring. That's what I am working towards.

I just got the machine on October 1st. I've done 5 yards and all with the same results.

Cadzilla, I don't think it's from insect damage....its on a hill, in fact there were still aeration holes from Spring that had not closed up yet on the hill area. I know bugs can crawl down those aeration holes, but we haven't had any rain until just some this month.

Once the yard was reseeded with a broadcast spreader, then a layer of 1/4" to 1/2" of organic compost material was added he got new grass growing in three weeks (well really before...I just made it out there three weeks later).

I can do two yards a day, if time permits. I've moved/shovel off my dump trailer into the compost spreader around 10,000 pounds in 3 hours. It takes 3 minutes to fill the compost spreader and about 1 minute to spread the compost.

Yes, if I idle down I can control the width of compost. Plus I can control how much I am putting down on how large I open the hopper door that drops the compost into the two discharge wheels up front.

I know everyone has their own "ways" of reseeding. I've tried all sorts and this is the easiest by far....and I'm an owner/solo operator.

I am working on hooking a carrier on to the rear of the dump trailer (7'x16') so I can carry as much organic compost materiel as possible.

So far, the 5 customer's are super happy and now I have to just spread the word.

And thanks for everyone's idea's...they are all very good.

Oh yeah....the video is something quick off of a cell phone...but we've just bought a camcorder so better videos coming soon....and I'm not in the business of selling movies....just making people's grass better looking.
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