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Originally Posted by coling View Post
I suggest you try again to see the video - it's not a masterpiece (lol?) but it does give you some idea of what I have built.

I am not sure if the questions around sealant have anything to do with the water loss. I used a sealant to stop - or at least reduce - the water going down the back, instead of the front of each 'face' (is that the word?). As far as I understand it, this was a 'horizontal' application of the sealant.

Because of the weather, I have not had it running all the time, and I probably will only be able to check this out in the spring.
Tried to view the video again, but gave up after waiting 5 minutes for it to load.

The use of the sealant should not have anything to do with the water loss. I questioned its use because 'Black Foam' is used pretty much universally by Water Feature contractors because it expands. Lap Sealant, which is what you used, is normally used in seaming applications.

Can you post some photos of the project?
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