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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
i think your product is genius. well done, market it well. We dont use this kind of thing around here, not sure it would help much. we have heavy clay soils, seems like it would be too easy to fill up the depressed area and then be just the same. i would think a smaller outside dia might also be useful, i would not want to see all my heads with that much area around them instead of grass in my lawn......understand?
Thanks, keep in mind that the Sprinkler Buddy remains below the cutting height of the grass when installed, it's only visible when one gets close to them. I demonstrate that on my website. Most of the photos and views on my video are very close up shots but I added a few that weren't as close up on my website. Most would never know one had them in their lawn unless they walked up upon the Sprinkler Buddy or one told them to look what I have. :-)

I tried a 5" diameter during my prototype stage but after the sprinkler head was installed and I installed it back to the system, they were clearly not big enough. My goal was to keep sprinkler heads visible long term with little maintenance yet not be an eye sore at the same time. I have no doubt, I have accomplished that.

The reason products of this kind aren't very well known in states that receive freezing conditions during the winter months is because they don't hold up well, the materials they are made from just can't handle the temperature extremes many see throughout the year. That's why many don't see them sold at their local hardware store as we do in the South. Sprinkler Buddy can and does hold up in all weather extremes.

"seems like it would be too easy to fill up the depressed area"

While part of the Sprinkler Buddy is installed below ground level, part of it remains just above the root base of the turf. Grass clippings disappear in the Sprinkler Buddy just as those grass clippings do in the lawn during the growing season. During the Fall, leaves do accumulate as they do on the entire lawn, no way around that one. They are easily cleaned out though, I hit them with my blower when doing a leaf clean up if need be.

One huge benefit Sprinkler Buddy provides to those in northern states is that it prevents grass roots from taking over the sprinkler head during the long extended periods of time that the sprinkler system is inactive. Cutting the time it takes in getting the system up to par for the following growing season big time.

Thank you all for the comments and questions, I'm sure many will benefit from them and have a better understanding of the Sprinkler Buddy.
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