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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
I might have the equipment just lacking the expertise/confidence on depth measurement! I watched the video but have yet to try it out in the field.

btw just bought an armada pro800. Called armada and bought a refurb one Seemed like real nice people. You still happy with yours?
How can i not be happy with it, it took me years of begging to have someone build a locator that a man can really push.

Having 2 response modes available at the push of a button enables one to verify target accuracy on the run rather than comparing the depth measurements taken from both sides.

The broadcast mode gets used by me more and more often. I have even located 20 plus valves with it in broadcast mode.

Let's put it like this, i used to carry a 521, a 700, a tr4110 and a Dynatel 573dl at all times. Now i carry the 800 and the 4110 at all times. I carry the 4110 because i can couple or direct connect @ 84k and it fills the gap between 2k and 175k.
You might get more info if you read the manual instead of just watching the video.

How do you like your Pipehorn?
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