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Originally Posted by mowcrazy View Post
Couldnt agree more with this. Diesel sounds cool and yes may pull a little better but for the money you spend on them. Sheesh. Ive done made that mistake.

Everyone bragged on how good these 7.3 powerstrokes were so I bought one. The maintanance bills surpass the amount it saves me in fuel when comparing toour 6.0 chevy gassers and the gasser 6 litre chevrolets have been CRAZY dependable for us......

Yes the 6.0 gasser eats fuel but I can buy A FREAKIN bunch of fuel with the money saved buying a gas truck. And when you have a maintanance issue its always a lot less to fix....

That 7.3 powerstroke truck lives at the shop. Always something with that thing. Chevy 6 litre trucks we have get tires and oil changes. Thats it.... with that said, pulling enclosed 16fters your looking at 8-10mpg with right gearing.

By the way, before anyone saids anything, our 6 litre trucks will pull side by side with our diesel any day of the week, up hill or not. Maybe not if I was pulling a cattle trailer but were pulling lawnmowers for goodness sakes.
I have a couple diesels, but I also have several 6.0L Silverado 2500's , they are great trucks
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