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Chipper Shredder Idea

Ok so I wanted to voice this idea here for any criticism to help me decide.

I run a small design build operation and I remove lots of old plants, debris, as well as spring and fall cleanups. I have a large dump trailer and most of the time take it to my local mulch yard for about 15-30 dollars a tip depending on the amount of stumps and size of the trailer. Yesterday I pulled a half a trailer of cut down maiden grass, browned out hosts, and a few small 2" limbs from pruning and a fall cleanup.

I have a 40'x60' area behind my property which I own and will sometimes dump the debris there if I miss the yard being open. The problem is I don't want to trash up this area and have to have it cleaned out later at a large expense.

My Idea:

Buy a small 8-12 hp debris chipper shredder that can handle limbs and debris up to 2.5 inches and chip what I bring home and let it naturally turn into compost which I can use on my jobs or sell depending on volume. I would obviously buy a used machine on craigslist since I see them almost daily as homeowners buy them and dump them the next year to see if I would like it.

So my questions are as follows:

1. Does anyone else do this and what machine size do you have? Do you compost and sell any of it?

2. Is it cost effective and time effective as you use fuel to chip/shred material?

3. Is it simply more economical to drop the debris at the local mulch place and pick up the compost? Am I making more work for myself? County sells great compost for about 16 yard but it is almost 40 minutes away to dump site.

4. What is your advice?

Thanks again
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