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Originally Posted by 4 seasons lawn&land View Post
my 6.0 has been great too. Do you have any 1 ton duallys? Im a die hard gasser guy for pickups but for a 1 ton dump that Im looking for I could go either way. Have you owned any DuraMax's?
Actually the 7.3 is a f350 but single rear wheel.

As for the duramax's, I cant afford one. With that being said i have a few buddies that have them and say they are amazing but of course the friends I speak of are the nimwitts pulling 2 sea-doos to the lake. LOL Supposodly there some power houses but I just cant see paying twice as much for a duramax when I can get a 6.0 gasser for roughly half the price (im speaking of a few year old trucks, i buy used mostly)........

I actually wouldnt mind having a duramax but heres the other thing that stinks about the diesel chevy. I plow snow also and because the duramax engine is so heavy you cannot run as big of a plow as if you had the 6.0 gasser because of weight......... Crazy huh....
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