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Originally Posted by MSlandco View Post
I have a couple diesels, but I also have several 6.0L Silverado 2500's , they are great trucks
I think the diesels are a cool truck to drive honestly..... they sound cool, turbo spooling is awesome also.

I found a one owner 97 f-350 flatbed with 7.3 (it was a turd, had to do a chip)and you could tell it had been taken care of but when things that needed attention came around (injectors for one thing) its just a fortune to have these things done.

As I was paying for a glow plug and injector job handing over thousands to my long time mechanic I was thinking the whole time how that tune up on my gasser would have been a fraction for tune up.........

If I made tons of money Id have diesel trucks because I like them, but to make money and for dependabillity, ill stick with the tried and true gassers that are cheap to work on.....
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