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Originally Posted by Blades Lawn Maintenance View Post
So what yall are saying is buy a 2500 gasser For basic everyday towing?
Thats what I say bud but thats just my opinion. You said you were going to use it for towing a mowing trailer and daily driver. You will not need any more. Now I only have experience with chevrolet gassers. My uncle has a 5.4 litre ford and it is a dawwwwwg. I wouldnt own one of those. I borrowed that truck one time and thats it. Im pretty sure that truck has space shuttle highway gears in it though and that may be why I was having to lean on it so bad.

It was stated above, if your going to be towing a bunch of weight go diesel but for no more than you say your going to do, I wouldnt spend the extra money unless diesel is whats gonna tickle your fancy. If you want diesel just because you want it thats cool to. Like i said, I see ppl towing see-doos with dually diesels all the time. Whatever makes ya happy!!
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