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Originally Posted by THEGOLDPRO View Post
If you only tow a tiny landscape trailer then buy a gasser, If you actually use your truck like some of us do and tow 10k+ pounds up hills then buy a diesel.

The people who preach that their 6.0 liters/Gas jobbers can tow As good as diesels clearly don't tow enough weight on a daily basis.
I agree with that, I don't tow a bunch of weight ever. Id say my outfit is arond 6,000lbs max that I pull daily. Im also comparing apples to oranges I guess when Im comparing a 97 powerstroke turbo diesel to my 2004-2006 gassers also.

I think that my 97 turbo powerstroke was only rated at like 195hp or something like that. It is a freaking daawwwwg on stock setting. I ordered a chip with an added 80hp setting and I can tell you my gassers will still outpull it any day up any hill in my area but thats old news diesels.

My uncle also has a 2001 powerstroke. now that truck will outpull my gassers no problem...... I just bought the dog of diesels I guess..
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