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Originally Posted by THEGOLDPRO View Post
Well i own a 2000 dodge ram with a 8.0 liter v10 that makes 310 hp and 450 ft. lbs of tq, and also own a 2001 Cummins with roughly the same power (stock), the Cummins put the v10 to shame stock for stock. Once i added an intake, 4 inch straight pipe exhaust, and a power programmer the cummins made the v10 feel like a ford ranger.

For power and pulling heavy there really is no other choice then a diesel.

Also let me add my v10 pulls heavy loads with little to no effort, and i have never actually "needed" more power from it while towing, but the diesel does it better, does it faster, And struggles far less. it also gets more then double the mpg while doing it.
ya know, Ive heard those v10 dodges were some strong trucks....

We live in southern ohio and we have a lot of farmers that haul cattle and round bails into kentucky and they pretty much all have diesel power. There is no doubt it seems in this area anyways the cummins trucks are preferred expecially for the folks pulling REALLY heavy loads with the round bails. Ive been next to them while they were pulling hills and they are impressive to say the least. little smoke rolling and they hold there speed on most hills. Im not talking about these guys taking 2 cows to slaughter either. These boys are hauling a hell of a bunch of weight!!!!
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