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Help me get this BR400 running

Well I had someone give me this Stihl BR400 blower that quit working on them. I'm not sure what that means.. If it died, or just wouldn't start one day.

Anyhow, it a decent looking blower. I just can't get the bastard to run. Here is what I know and what I've done.

Compression around 120psi
Unit gets spark while using my spark tester My Spark tester
Tries to run after a little starting fluid (with upper cylinder lubricant)

What I've done:
Checked Flywheel and key - Magnets were strong, key not sheared
Regapped coil
New NGK Plug
Soaked Carb in Seafoam and replaced diaphragms and pump
Checked Carb mounting flange/spacer for cracks and replaced gaskets
New Fuel Line
Checked Fuel Filter
Removed spark arrestor screen
Removed muffler and torched the inside

What really puzzles me as I try to troubleshoot this blower is, Spark always test good (according to my method) and the plug always seems wet and smells like fuel after cranking. My first inclination when I got this blower was the coil, and I still don't trust it. But if the coil was bad would the engine run for a few seconds on starting fluid? What am I missing here?

Should I replace the Carb? Coil? What does everybody think? I really appreciate everyones help. I can link you to a Parts Guide and Service Manual if needed.

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