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Originally Posted by mowcrazy View Post
Actually the 7.3 is a f350 but single rear wheel.

As for the duramax's, I cant afford one. With that being said i have a few buddies that have them and say they are amazing but of course the friends I speak of are the nimwitts pulling 2 sea-doos to the lake. LOL Supposodly there some power houses but I just cant see paying twice as much for a duramax when I can get a 6.0 gasser for roughly half the price (im speaking of a few year old trucks, i buy used mostly)........

I actually wouldnt mind having a duramax but heres the other thing that stinks about the diesel chevy. I plow snow also and because the duramax engine is so heavy you cannot run as big of a plow as if you had the 6.0 gasser because of weight......... Crazy huh....

Legaly ya. Just put the plow on and plow. Thats what everyone does and the GM's hold up good. The 2012 and on have an extra 1000 lb rated front axle anyway.
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