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GMC 2500HD vs. F250

Ok, so I'm trading in my F150 this week, as long as hurricane Sandy doesn't get in the way with that. I have narrowed it down between a 2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD and a 2008 F250. Both extended cabs, GM 6.5' and ford 8' bed. I am not to concerned on the bed size, both gas and 4x4. GM - 6.0L and Ford 5.4L. GM - 36,000 miles and Ford 86,000 miles. GM - $24,000 and Ford $22,000.

I know everything there is to know about fords but not so much for GM's. What are some things I should look for with the GM? the 6.0L have any issues like the 5.4 does when it comes time to changing the plugs and what not.

What are your recommendations if you were choosing between these two trucks. Will be used to tow my 16' enclosed, utility and 12k dump trailer. I know the dump trailer over weights it but that will with just about every gas engine. Also I'm de-weighting the dump because of NJ dumb DOT laws!

Curious to hear your thoughts and knowledge on the GM but also feel free to add to the Ford. All is appreciated!
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